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Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode

Cheerful teenager Ichika Usami has a passion for sweets that is inspired by her mother's baking. In celebration of her mother's return from overseas, she tries her hand at making a cake herself. She is interrupted when a dog-like fairy named Pekorin crashes into her kitchen. With Pekorin's help, Ichika successfully bakes her cake. Only then enters an imp named Gummy who bursts in and attempt to steal the cake's "kirakiraru", a magical power that gives sweets the ability to bring happiness. Though Ichika initially offers her cake to Gummy in order to protect Pekorin, the fairy helps her realize how important the treat is and the love it represents. As the kirakiraru within Ichika's cake grows, it changes into a set of trinkets that transforms her into Cure Whip, a hero known as a Pretty Cure. Using her newfound powers, she goes on to battle kirakiraru thieves whenever they appear. Ichika fights to protect Ichigozaka's sweets and finds colorful new allies along the way. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Type: TV
Rating: G - All Ages
Season: winter 2017
Status: Finished Airing
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Tags: action comedy fantasy henshin henshin heroes magic magical girl mahou shoujo new school life shoujo slice of life female protagonist primarily female cast adventure kids police primarily child cast cute girls doing cute things ensemble cast educational work yuri tokusatsu superheroes family friendly cooking food food and beverage kemonomimi shapeshifting musical cafe middle school time manipulation monster-of-the-week band sentai baking