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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma

"One day, a girl who loves me will suddenly appear before me"โ€”Middle school teacher Nobunaga has always been dreaming of such a gal game-like situation. However, the one who appeared before him was Kichou, a 14-year-old girl who proclaims herself as his wife. Appears to have arrived from the Sengoku era, she mistakes Nobunaga as Nobunaga Oda and urges him to conceive a child with her. Thus begins the age-difference love comedy between a gal game-loving teacher and a Sengoku era expert princess. (Source: MAL News)

Type: TV
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
Season: spring 2019
Status: Finished Airing
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Studios: Seven
Genres: Comedy Romance Ecchi
Tags: comedy school school life short episodes based on a manga historical manga supernatural ecchi male protagonist seinen female harem romance person in a strange world urban fantasy nudity crossdressing harem samurai love triangle time skip age gap boys' love loli romantic comedy sudden girlfriend appearance teacher time travel