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10Gauge 5 Inc. 8bit A-1 Pictures Academy Productions Acca effe ACC Production A.C.G.T. Actas AIC AIC ASTA AIC Build AIC Classic AIC Frontier AIC PLUS+ AIC Spirits Ajia-Do Akatsuki A-Line Alpha Animation Amuse Anima Animaruya animate Film Animation Do Animation Staff Room Anime R Ankama Animations Annapuru Anpro APPP AQUA ARIS A-Real ARECT Ark Arms Artland Artmic Arvo Animation Asahi Production Asatsu DK Ascension Ashi Production Asmik Ace asread. Assez Finaud Fabric Asura Film AtelierPontdarc Aubec AXsiZ Azeta Pictures Bakken Record Bandai Namco Pictures Barnum Studio B.CMAY PICTURES Bee Media Bee Train Beijing Rocen Digital BeSTACK Bibury Animation CG Bibury Animation Studios BigFireBird Animation Blade Blue bread Bones Bouncy Boyan Pictures Brain's Base Bridge Brio Animation B&T Buemon BUILD DREAM BYMENT C2C CANDY BOX CG Year Chaos Project Children's Playground Entertainment Chosen CloverWorks Coastline Animation Studio Colored Pencil Animation Colored Pencil Animation Japan CoMix Wave Films Congzhuo Animation Connect Craftar Studios Creators in Pack Creatures Inc. C-Station CyberConnect2 Cyclone Graphics CygamesPictures Daewon Media Dai-Ichi Douga DandeLion Animation Studio Daume David Production DAX Production Digital Frontier Diomedéa Djinn Power DLE DMM.futureworks Doga Kobo domerica Dongwoo A&E Drawing and Manual Drive drop dwarf Dynamo Pictures E&G Films Egg Egg Firm Eiken EKACHI EPILKA EMT Squared Encourage Films ENGI Enishiya Ezόla Fanworks feel. Felix Film Fenz Fever Creations Fifth Avenue Filmlink International FLAGSHIP LINE FOREST Hunting One Frontier Works Fuji TV Fukushima Gaina Gaina Gainax Gallop G-angle GANSIS Garden Culture GARDEN LODGE Gathering GEEK TOYS GEMBA Geno Studio G&G Entertainment GIFTanimation Giga Production Ginga Ya GoHands Gonzo Graphinica GRIZZLY Grouper Productions Group TAC Guton Animation Studio Hal Film Maker Haoliners Animation League Hayabusa Film Heewon Entertainment helo.inc Hoods Drifters Studio Hoods Entertainment Hotline HOTZIPANG HS Pictures Studio HuaMei Animation I.Gzwei ILCA IMAGICA Lab. Imagin Imagineer Indivision Ishimori Entertainment ixtl Japan Vistec J.C.Staff Jinnis Animation Studios Joker Films Kachidoki Studio Kamikaze Douga Kanaban Graphics Kaname Productions Karaku Kate Arrow Kenji Studio K-Factory Khara Kigumi Kinema Citrus Kino Production Kitty Film Mitaka Studio Kitty Films KJJ Animation Knack Productions Kokusai Eigasha Kyoto Animation Kyotoma L²Studio LandQ studios Lapin Track Larx Entertainment l-a-unch・BOX Lay-duce Lerche Lesprit LEVELS LICO Lide LIDENFILMS LIDENFILMS Kyoto Studio Light Chaser Animation Studios LX Animation Studio Madhouse Magic Bus Maho Film Manglobe MAPPA Marine Entertainment Marvy Jack Marza Animation Planet MASTER LIGHTS Meruhensha Mili Pictures Milky Cartoon Millepensee Minami Machi Bugyousho MMT Technology Mokai Technology Mook Animation Moss Design Unit Motion Magic M.S.C Mushi Production Namu Animation NAZ Next Media Animation Nexus NHK Enterprises Nice Boat Animation Nikkatsu Nippon Animation Nippon Ramayana Film Co. Nishiki Studio Nomad Nut October Media Office AO Office DCI Office Nobu Oh! Production Okuruto Noboru OLM OLM Digital Onionskin Orange Ordet Original Force Oxybot Painting Dream Palm Studio Panmedia Paper Plane Animation Studio Passione Pastel P.A. Works Pb Animation Co. Ltd. Phoenix Entertainment Picograph P.I.C.S. Picture Magic Pierrot Plus Pine Jam Planet Cartoon Planet Nemo Animation Platinum Vision Plum Plus Heads Point Pictures Polygon Pictures PPM PP Project PRA production doA Production GoodBook Production I.G Production IMS Production Reed Project No.9 Purple Cow Studio Japan Qianqi Animation Qualia Animation Quebico Radix RAMS Red Dog Culture House Revoroot RG Animation Studios Rikuentai Rising Force Robot Communications Rocen Rockwell Eyes Ruo Hong Culture Saetta Sakura Create Samsara Animation Studio Sanctuary Sanrio SANZIGEN Satelight Science SARU Scooter Films Seven Seven Arcs Seven Arcs Pictures Seven Stone Entertainment Shaft Shanghai Animation Film Studio Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment Shenying Animation Shimogumi Shin-Ei Animation Shirogumi Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment Shuka SIDO LIMITED Signal.MD Silver SILVER LINK. SJYNEXCUS Soeishinsha Sola Digital Arts Sotsu Soyep Space Neko Company Sparkly Key Animation Studio Sparky Animation Sprite Animation Studios Square Enix Staple Entertainment Steve N' Steven Stingray Studio 3Hz Studio 4°C Studio 9 Maiami Studio A-CAT Studio Animal Studio Bind Studio Blanc Studio Bogey Studio Chizu Studio Colorido Studio Comet Studio Core Studio Crocodile Studio! Cucuri Studio Daisy Studio Deen Studio Fantasia Studio Flad Studio Flag Studio Ghibli Studio Gohan Studio Gokumi Studio Guts Studio Hibari Studio Jam Studio Jemi Studio Junio Studio Kai Studio Kikan Studio Kingyoiro Studio Kyuuma Studio LAN Studio Lings Studio Live Studio M2 Studio Matrix studio MOTHER Studio Nue Studio Palette Studio Pastoral Studio Pierrot Studio Ponoc Studio PuYUKAI Studio Rikka Studio Shelter Studio Signpost Studio VOLN Studio World Studio Zero Sublimation Success Corp. Sunrise Sunrise Beyond SynergySP Tatsunoko Production teamKG Team YokkyuFuman Tear Studio Telecom Animation Film Telescreen Tencent Penguin Pictures Tezuka Productions The Answer Studio Think Corporation Thundray TMS Entertainment TNK Toei Animation Tokyo Kids Tokyo Media Connections Tokyo Movie Shinsha Tomason Tomovies Tong Ming Xuan Trans Arts Triangle Staff TriF Studio Trigger Trinet Entertainment Triple X TROYCA Tsuchida Productions TthunDer Animation Twilight Studio TYO Animations Typhoon Graphics ufotable Ultra Super Pictures Urban Product UWAN Pictures Vasoon Animation Venet Visual Flight Wan Wei Mao Donghua WAO World Wawayu Animation White Fox Wit Studio Wolfsbane W-Toon Studio Wulifang Digital Xebec XEBEC M2 XFLAG Xiyue Yule Xuni Yinxiang Gongzuo Shi Yamamura Animation, Inc. Yamato Works Yaoyorozu YHKT Entertainment Yokohama Animation Lab Yostar Pictures Y.O.U.C Yumeta Company Zero-G Zero-G Room Zexcs
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Action Adventure Avant Garde Award Winning Boys Love Comedy Drama Ecchi Erotica Fantasy Girls Love Gourmet Hentai Horror Mystery Romance Sci-Fi Slice of Life Sports Supernatural Suspense
15th century 16th century 17th century 18th century 19th century 4-koma manga 4-koma manhwa abstract absurdist humour achromatic achronological order aciton acting action action game adoption adult couples adventure advertisement africa afterlife age gap agender age regression age transformation aging agriculture ahegao air force airsoft alcohol alice in wonderland alien aliens all-boys school all girls school all-girls school alternate universe alternative past alternative present america american derived american football americas amnesia amusement park anachronism ancient china android androids androphobia angel angels angst animal characteristics animal protagonists animals animal transformation anime bancho anime industry anime influenced animeism anime no chikara anime no me anime tamago anthology anthropomorphic anthropomorphism anti-hero anti war apartment life apocalypse apprenticeship archery arranged marriage art artificial intelligence art school asexual asia assassin assassins association football astronauts astronomy athletics augmented reality australia autobiographical autobiographies aviation badminton baking bakumatsu - meiji period bakumatsu meiji period ballet dancing band bar baseball based on a 4-koma manga based on a card game based on a cartoon based on a comic book based on a doujinshi based on a fairy tale based on a light novel based on a manga based on a mobile game based on a movie based on an eroge based on an otome game based on a novel based on a picture book based on a play based on a religious text based on a song based on a tv series based on a video game based on a visual novel based on a web novel based on a webtoon basketball battle royale bdsm bears betrayal bicycling billiards biographical biographies birds bisexual bishounen bl black and white blackmail board games boarding house boarding school bodyguards body horror body sharing body swapping bondage bookstore borderline h boss-employee relationship bounty hunter bounty hunters boxing boys' love breaking the fourth wall brother complex buddhism bullying butler butlers cafe calligraphy canada cannibalism card battle card battles card games cars cats centaur centaurs ceos cg animation cgi cheats cheerleading chibi childcare childhood friends childhood promise chimera china chinese animation christianity christmas chuunibyou circus classical music classic literature codependency cohabitation collections college combat combining mecha comedy comedy, coming of age commercials conspiracy contemporary fantasy convenience store cooking cops cosmic horror cosplay countryside coworkers crime criminals cross dressing crossdressing crossover crude culinary school cult cultivation cunnilingus curse cute boys doing cute things cute girls doing cute things cyberpunk cyborg cyborgs cycling daily life dancing dark comedy dark fantasy dark skinned girl deal with the devil death game death of a loved one debt deity delinquent delinquents dementia demon demon king demons denpa desert detective detectives dieselpunk dinosaurs disability disaster disney dissociative identities divorce doctors dogs doujinshi industry dragon dragon quest dragons drama drawing dream world drifting drugs dullahan dungeon dysfunctional families dystopia dystopian earth earthquake ecchi economics editors educational egyptian mythology elemental powers elementary school elf elves england ensemble cast environmental epidemic episodic ero guro erotic game espionage e-sports europe exhibitionism exorcists fairy tale fake romance family family friendly family life fantasy fantasy world fashion fated lovers feet fellatio female harem female protagonist female student female teacher fetish feudal japan feudal warfare finland firefighters fishing fitness flash flash animation floating island food food and beverage food protagonists football foreign forest formula racing framed for a crime france french revolution friendship frogs fudanshi fugitive fujoshi full cgi future gag gambling game gangs ga-nime gender bender gender bending genetic modification genies germany ghost ghost hunters ghosts gigantic breasts gl go goblin god-human relationship gods golf gore greek mythology guilds gunfights guns gyaru gymnastics gynophobia hacking half-length episodes hamsters hand to hand combat happy science harem heaven heian period hell henshin henshin heroes hentai heterosexual high fantasy high school high stakes games hikikomori historical horror hosts hotels and inns human enhancement human experimentation humanoid alien human pet ice skating idol idols illness impersonation incest india inheritance insects interspecies relationship isekai island isolated society italy iyashikei japan japanese mythology josei journalism journey to the west judo jungle juujin kaiju kaijuu karuta kemonomimi kendo kickboxing kidnapping kids kingdom building kodomo korea korean animation kuudere kyoto lacrosse landlords language barrier large breasts law and order lawyers leijiverse lgbtq+ themes lgbt themes library lifestyle change loli loneliness lost civilization love confession love polygon love triangle mafia magic magical girl magic school mahjong mahou shoujo maid maids male harem male protagonist management manga manga industry manhua manhwa mansion married life mars martial arts martial arts school marvel comics masochism master-servant relationship masturbation mature romance mecha mechanical tentacle medical medicine medieval melancholy memory manipulation mental illness mercenaries mermaid mermaids meta middle east middle eastern middle school military military, military school millitary mina mind games minna no uta mistery mmorpg modelling modern knowledge monster girl monster girls monster-of-the-week monsters monster school mopeds motorcycles motorsport mountain climbing movie music musical musical band music school mysterious benefactor mysterious shop mystery mythology nakadashi natural disaster navy neet neighbors nekomimi netorare new newly co-ed school new york ninja nobility no dialogue noir noitamina non-human protagonists norse mythology novel novel industry nudity nun nurse nurses obsessive love ocean office lady oiran ojou-sama opposites attract original work orphans otaku culture other planet outdoor outer space outside world overpowered main characters pandas pandemic pantsu panty shots parallel universe parallel world parasite parental abandonment parody past penguins performance person in a strange world pets philosophy photography picture drama pigs piloted robot ping pong pirate pirates playboys play or die plot continuity poker police political politics possessive lovers post apocalypse post-apocalyptic pov poverty power suit power suits pregnancy prehistoric present primarily adult cast primarily child cast primarily female cast primarily male cast prison promotional prophecy prostitution proxy battles psychic powers psychological psychopaths puppetry pve pvp rabbits racing radio programme rakugo rape real robot rebellions recap recipes reformation rehabilitation reincarnation religion remarriage restaurants revenge reverse harem reverse isekai reverse trap rivalries robot robot helper robots rock music romance romance of the three kingdoms romantic comedy roommates rotoscoping rotten world royalty rpg rugby running rural russia sadism salaryman samurai sanrio characters san-x characters satire school school club school clubs school life science fiction sci fi sci-fi scuba diving secret identity seinen sengoku period senpai-kouhai relationship sentai sentient mecha serial killers sex sexual abuse -- to be split and deleted shapeshifting sherlock holmes shinigami shinsengumi ship shipboard ships shogi short episodes short movie shorts shota shoujo shoujo ai shoujo-ai shounen shounen ai shounen-ai showbiz shrine maiden siblings single parent skateboarding skeleton skeletons slapstick slavery slice of life slimes slow life slow when it comes to love small breasts smut soccer social gap social media software development space space battles space opera space pirates space travel special squads split personality sport sports stalkers star-crossed lovers steampunk stereotypes stop motion stop motion animation street racing student council student government student-teacher relationship submarine succubus sudden girlfriend appearance suicide summer summoned into another world sumo wrestling super deformed superhero superheroes super natural supernatural super power superpowers super robot surfing surreal comedy survival swimming switzerland swordplay table tennis tanks tanned skin teacher teaching teens' love television programme tennis tentacle terrorism the arts the great outdoors thievery thieves three kingdoms thriller time manipulation time skip time travel tokugawa period tokusatsu tokyo tomboy tone changes tourism tournaments track and field tragedy trains transfer students transforming craft transforming mecha trap trapped in a video game treasure hunters triads tsundere tutors twins unicorns united kingdom united states university unrequited love urban urban fantasy urban legend urination valentine's day vampire vampires victorian period video game industry video games vigilantes vikings villainess violence violent retribution for accidental infringement virtual reality virtual world visual novel vocaloid voice acting volleyball vore voyeurism vtuber waitress wakate animator ikusei project war weak to strong werewolf werewolves western western animated cartoon western comics witch witches work working life work life world masterpiece theater world war 2 world war ii wrestling writers writing wuxia xianxia yakuza yandere yaoi yaoi hand syndrome youkai yuri zombie zombies zoo