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Based on chapter one of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. The original text depicts a disaster brought about by tools and technology. There is a connection between this theme and the nuclear power plant accident that occurred in Japan in 2011. Tsuji's film attempts to be an interleaving depiction of the original story and the real-life disa

Episode 1

Bonus short included on the "Atsushi Wada Works 2002-2010" DVD.

A man walks in a crowd. He cannot stand the crowd but to cover his ears. Then it disappears and he gets lost in a white void space. In that space there is no other man but himself. He had nothing to identify himself and his existence was to come to naught. He starts to struggle to get away from there.

Episode 1

A short film spelling Tokyo in hiragana.

Episode 12

Synchronized the irritation of the baby’s cries and the frustration I have ever experienced. Everyone was born while crying and grew crying. I grew up to be an adult, but I strongly want to be a baby again. Short film by Sawako Kabuki.

Episode 26

Short animation directed by Masanobu Hiraoka featuring the song Smoke And Mirrors by Sean Lennon.

Episode 12

Fifteen years after a cataclysmic event known as the Second Impact, the world faces a new threat: monstrous celestial beings called "Angels" invade Tokyo-3 one by one. Mankind is unable to defend themselves against the Angels despite utilizing their most advanced munitions and military tactics. The only hope for human salvation rests in the hands o

A special follow up version of Mizue Mirai's Timbre A-Z.

Without using a camera, this film was made on an optical printer with a countdown leader as its primary visual subject. Tanaami gave frame-by-frame color printing instructions to his film laboratory by phone to create the film. (Source: Collaborative Cataloging Japan)

Episode 22

Toshiaki Hanzaki's graduation work depicting the evolution of various species in a comical fashion.

Episode 1

Short animation directed by Masanobu Hiraoka.

Episode 12

An experiment concerning the attempts at creating a 'moving image' long before the invention of cinema. A re-experiencing of the history of 'magic with light' unfolds through the use of various devices and techniques, including flip-book animation and Muybridge’s photographs in motion zoopraxiscope. (Source: IFFR)

Episode 12

An early film by Keiichi Tanaami.

Episode 1

Hidomi Hibajiri is a dissilusioned young girl who never takes off her headphones. Her whole life consists of going to school, helping out at her mother's cafe, and listening to music. And with nothing else to break the crippling monotony, she keeps her headphones on at all times. That is, until she is run over by a mysterious guitar-wielding woman.

A bizarre short about a man who wakes up by a bunch of clocks only to act as a cuckoo clock for a room full of chickens at a bar.

Episode 12

"A snow-covered house is situated in the middle of a rice field. What should one do, in a space of white and quietude? By spring, the snowy hut melts and loses its appearance. The Japanese MA, the in-between state of time and space – an animation, a haiku" (Source: Berlinale 2014 programme)

Episode 13

The mysterious masked Storyteller returns to tell more twisted tales of horror. Continuing his particular style of kamishibai inspired storytelling, he now finds that his audience is an eerie crowd of young girls, who eagerly await his devilish stories. He recounts ghostly legends involving girls of all ages: a housewife who receives a barrage of c

Yami Shibai 5
Episode 13

Furukawa Taku film.

Episode 3

Film by Takashi Ito.

Episode 2

After seeing her jump onto a subway at the last second and getting her ankle crushed between the doors, Nishi reconnects with his high school sweetheart, Myon. Nishi is still very much in love with Myon, but is shocked to learn that she is engaged to another man. Nishi agrees to meet Myon's fiancé at her family's Yakitori restaurant, but members of

Mind Game
Episode 1

An independent animated music video for the song "DušaN" by the Slovakian band Saténové ruky. Kousuke Sugimoto created it for a friend who is in the band. The video is about the protagonist's soul that just won't stop "talking" when he's coked.

Episode 16

A special short included with the 5th DVD/BD release.

Furukawa Taku film.

Episode 10

The surrealist world of Tenshi no Tamago is desolate and devoid of the bustle of traditional everyday life. Instead, the world is filled with ominous phenomena, including floating orbs populated with statues of goddesses, gargantuan army tanks that seem to move unmanned, armies of fishermen who chase after the shadows of nonexistent fish, and caver

Life seems to drift by for Kana Koumoto and her friends in their small Japanese town. Every day is just like the last, and it feels like every new day will be the same. Kana goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and likes to paint her nails and listen to music, but it feels like nothing special is ever going to happen. As a change of pace, Ka

This short experiments with the flow of oil ink over the surface of the water. Mizue manipulated the ink by blowing with straws or stirring with toothpicks and used stop motion animation techniques to shoot the resulting effects.

Episode 11

Sawako Kabuki hand-drawn animation.

Episode 12

Presented in the form of a feverish love dream, 1001 Nights (based on Amano`s book of artwork) is the first performance of the groundbreaking "Filmharmonic" series, which presents new orchestral works by film composers in tandem with short films made by A-list directors. Nights is the series's only animated work, and plans originally called for the

1001 Nights
Episode 1

The mysterious, yellow-masked Storyteller is a man whose true name and origin are both unknown. He appears at dusk where children gather and recites sinister tales based on Japanese urban legends, to which his young audience eerily intakes. However, the Storyteller is no ordinary teller of tales. He incorporates a kamishibai, a traditional paper-sc

Yami Shibai
Episode 13

A comfortable rhythm composed of light and shadow. Director Ogino-style absolute movie which freely manipulates geometric figures.

Episode 51

For the Takakura family, destiny is an ever-spinning wheel, pointing passionately in their direction with equal tides of joy and sorrow before ticking on to the next wishmaker. With their parents gone, twin brothers Kanba and Shouma live alone with their beloved little sister Himari, whose poor health cannot decline any further. On the day Himari i

Naota Nandaba is an ordinary sixth grader living in a city where nothing amazing ever seems to happen. After his brother Tasuku leaves town to play baseball in America, Naota takes it upon himself to look after everything Tasuku left behind—from his top bunk bed to his ex-girlfriend Mamimi Samejima, who hasn't stopped clinging to Naota since Tasuku

Episode 6

Music video directed by Shunji Iwai for the song Miracle by illion, Youjirou Noda's solo project, in the album "P.Y.L."

Episode 13

Abstract animation by Keiichi Tanaami and Nobuhiro Aihara.

Episode 13

A promotional video of the exhibition 'ArtPath 2011' by Tokyo University of the Arts Musical Creativity and the Environment. The excitement before ArtPath starts. (Source: Official website)

Count Down
Episode 1

What would you do if you were in a room with nothing to do for 15 minutes? This stop-motion animation depicts what people from different occupations would do with that time.

Episode 10

Experimental animation by Manabe Hiroshi, member of the Animation Sannin no Kai pioneer group of independent animation.

Episode 6

All eyes are on Utena Tenjou, a mysterious transfer student to Ohtori Academy. But Utena's eyes seem to be fixed on one familiar face that stands out among the rest—Touga Kiryuu, Utena's childhood friend. Touga knows of Utena's past and possesses knowledge of the Mark of the Rose, a set of unique rings worn by those who compete for the hand of the

Independent animation by Suzuki Shiniichi (鈴木伸一).

Episode 10

Experimental animation by Kuri Youji.

Episode 12

Short animation by Ryu Kato.

Episode 26

Independent animation by Shimamura Tatsuo.

Toumei Ningen
Episode 1

Enter Taro Shinkai's captivating dreamworld.

Episode 12

A visualization of how dreams mush up unrelated events together to make up a single story.

Episode 12

A woman is enjoying herself in bed until a swarm of fish bursts out from all over her house to disturb her leisure time. Will she decide to resist, or let them crawl inside her and take control? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Episode 13

Omake Special from the final DVD volume. The Special storyline has very little to do with the original series outside of having some of the same characters, and has a completely different storyline which does not fit into anything which came before it. (Source: AniDB)

Surrealist explanation of reality. People enclosed in a room.

Episode 12

The human eye, a well-known motif in psychedelic culture, is duplicated and intensified in this cinematic trip. Drawing from his experiences designing discotheques, Tanaami presents two prints of the same film in double projection with a time delay ––one projected a few seconds earlier than the other–– to suggest the mind slipping out of consciousn

Episode 1

A group of boys set out in search of a large fish. When they near its location, one of the boys jumps in the water as bait.

Episode 1

Film by Takashi Ito.

Episode 12

Film by Takashi Ito.

Episode 1

Film by Takashi Ito.

Episode 1

Film by Takashi Ito.

Episode 6

A short film by Takuya Okada set in a conformist society. (Source: IMDB)

Episode 1

A short film by Tsuji Naoyuki that blends stop motion with 2D drawn animation.

Episode 13

A short film by Furukawa Taku. After a sleeping man is harassed by a bird, he becomes hell-bend on chasing it down and capturing it for revenge, but the bird turns out to be smarter than it looks.

Episode 147

Episode 13 and 14 of Poputepipikku. The special has four versions shown on four different broadcasters: Tokyo MX (Blue Dragon ver.), Nico Nico Douga (Vermilion Bird ver.), Abema TV Anilive (White Tiger ver.) and Abema TV Pop Team Epic Channel (Black Tortoise ver.). Each version has a unique combination of seiyuus. (Source: AniDB)

The infamous Shounen Bat (Lil' Slugger) is terrorizing the residents of Musashino City. Flying around on his rollerblades and beating people down with a golden baseball bat, the assailant seems impossible to catch—much less understand. His first victim, the well-known yet timid character designer Tsukiko Sagi, is suspected of orchestrating the atta

Mousou Dairinin
Episode 13

This film is based on a very simple idea: the increasingly varied the sounds, the greater is the number of creatures... My intention in this film was to fill the screen with chaotic movements. (Source: Mirai Mizue)

Episode 45